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We believe in a world where health care and technology come together to change cancer outcomes. A world where long-term survival is commonplace. Where recurrence is identified before symptoms are felt. A world where patients and doctors alike have easy access to data used to guide personalized cancer therapy.

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ctDNA, or circulating tumor DNA, are small fragments of DNA that are released into the blood stream from tumor cells in the body. ctDNA can be isolated from blood samples, known as liquid biopsies, and the ctDNA can be analyzed via DNA sequencing in order to identify the specific mutations that are driving disease progression.

It has been shown that ctDNA samples can be analyzed to identify emerging cancer recurrence, drug-resistant mutations, and secondary metastasis. Oncologists can use liquid biopsy tests in order to make changes to a patient’s therapeutic regimen, and better fight the disease.

The ideal ctDNA assay needs to be focused enough to provide high sensitivity to known mutations, but broad enough to identify novel changes in the ctDNA genetic signature.

Nova BioLabs uses next-generation sequencing (NGS) in conjunction with advanced bioinformatics in order to identify very small amounts of ctDNA from liquid biopsies. Our approach is to create a personalized liquid biopsy test that allows for more sensitive detection of ctDNA mutations, identifying residual disease and emerging resistance mutations that may not be detected with conventional testing technologies.

The Nova Team

Brady Culver, Ph.D.


Brady Culver is an expert molecular biologist and accomplished product development scientist. Prior to co-founding Nova Biosciences, he was Director of NGS chemistry at ArcherDx, a molecular diagnostics startup, where he led the development of the FusionPlex, VariantPlex, and Reveal ctDNA product lines. Before Archer, Brady was an R&D scientist for Dharmacon, where he invented the method of producing siRNAs enzymatically used by the company today. Over the course of his academic and business career, he has been the lead author on several journal articles, book chapters, and patent applications. Brady earned his PhD in Molecular Biology from the University of Colorado, Boulder and his BS in Physiology from the University of California, San Diego.

Mike Banos, M.S.


Mike Banos is a seasoned bioinformatician with almost a decade in the biotech industry supporting product development by guiding experimental design, providing statistical analysis of data, and developing novel algorithms tailored to internal processes and proprietary chemistry. Most recently Mike was the technical lead on the commercial NGS analytics platform at ArcherDX, leveraging both his informatics and software engineering acumen. Mike recieved his MS in Bioinformatics from Boston University and his BS in Computer Science from Millersville University.

Brent Lutz, M.S.


Brent Lutz has extensive experience developing biomedical and biotech products from early conception to commercialization. He began his career as an engineer, developing micro-scale systems and automation tools for a variety of diagnostic and industrial safety applications. His last 7 years were spent at startups, overseeing not only product development, but also marketing activities in synthetic biology and NGS-based diagnostics. Brent spent the past two years at ArcherDX as product manager of its software products, focusing on commercialization of its NGS bioinformatics and reporting platforms.

Jason Amsbaugh, M.B.A.


Jason Amsbaugh is a sales and marketing executive who specializes in developing and executing successful commercial strategies. Jason brings over a decade of sales and marketing experience in diagnostics and life science companies, and has held numerous commercial roles at companies ranging in size from startups to Fortune 100 companies. Most recently, Jason was Director of Global Marketing at ArcherDX, where he oversaw the go-to-market and product development strategy as well as all aspects of marketing and product management. Jason holds an MBA from the University of Colorado and a BS in Biochemistry from Colorado State University.